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Maldives Islands

Underwater water sport in Maldives Islands.

Dive Club Maldives is our local partner in Maafushi Island and Malé.
You can get information and book: +960 778 5165

Underwater adventure in Maldives Island

Here is one place in the world where a scooter dive is needed to discover the underwater wonders, it is at Maafushi Island.

The richness of fauna and flora is so dense and so impressive. You will never forget this experience.

The staff of Maldives Dive Club is at your disposal to make this dive is unforgettable.

Two main sites are offered to you for an underwater ride:

-Maafushi Island:

On the South Malé Atoll. Only 90 minutes by ferry from Malé. You can discover the little Island of Maafushi. Surrounded by white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, it is perfect for water sports, bathing, chilling out and discovering marine life.
Surrounded by the rich ecosystem of its multicoloured coral reefs and warm waters.
Maafushi is the ideal place for initiation to the underwater scooter.
Watersports Maldives Islands

- Malé/Hulumalé:

Watersports Maldives Islands:
The capital of the Maldives offers a large number of sites for diving and water sports, particularly for underwater scooters.
The most impressive is “Fish Tank”. At 40 minutes away by boat, you can dive to a 5-metre depth and discover an incredible number and huge diversity of fish.
Allow about 3 hours for the whole excursion.
Based in Malé and Hulumalé, Maldives Dive Club is one of the oldest and most famous diving clubs in the Maldives.
A team of professionals will welcome you for your dive in the crystal waters of Maafushi Island in the atoll of Male. Their kindness and perfect mastery of the dive will help you to discover the best of Maldives.

You can book on this site (you pay at the time of your dive) or call: +960 778-5165.

Direct life - Webcam:

Maafushi island informations:

Kaafu Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives. It is located in the central part of Maldives. Consists of Kaashidhoo Island, Gahaafaru Atoll, and Malé Atoll (which includes the North Malé Atoll and the South Malé Atoll). It also has a number of uninhabited islands. Atoll capital is Thulusdhoo even tho the capital of Maldives – Malé is also located within the same atoll. The whole island group, the Maldives, is named after its capital and the word "Maldives" means "The islands (dives) of Malé”. Kaafu atoll is the tourism hub of the country as the only international airport - Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is located there. Every tourist arrival to the Maldives first reaches in Kaafu atoll before getting transferred to their final holiday destination – resort or a local island.


Maafushi is one of the islands in Maldives with a thriving local economy. While more than sixty families benefit directly from fishing, tourism industry has taken a new turn since 2010. With the government regulation allowing opening of Guest Houses in local islands, Maafushi was the first to secure an investment in tourism accommodation. The first guest house was opened in January 2010, and since then, many more have opened and they have provided the local community with foreign currency inflows. Tourists from neighboring resort islands also visit Maafushi for island hopping and Maafushi provides them with shopping opportunity with souvenir shops at assigned areas of the island.

There are more than 40 guest houses in Maafushi as at December 2015, and it is the local inhabited island with most number of guest houses and guest beds in the country. The guest houses provide the island with direct employment, and many other indirect economic benefits to almost every family in the island. Most guest houses are funded by direct investments by local residents of the island. However, recently there have been investments by businessmen in Male' and elsewhere.
Guest houses provide various excursions, including, snorkeling, fishing, water sports, and picnic island excursions.
Watersports Maldives Islands.

  • Quantity and type of scooters: S1: 2 scooters; S2: 1 scooters.
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people.
  • Diving depth: 5-3 meters.
  • Length of the tour: 1 hour - Length of the dive: 30 min.
  • Weather: tropical - temperature between 25°C and 40°C
  • Water temperature: between 25°C and 30°C