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Koh Tao - Thailand

Koh Tao - Tropical Paradise

Simple Life Divers is our local Partner in Koh Tao.
Information and booking: 66 77 456 329.

Koh Tao, tropical dream.

Koh Tao is a small island in the Thailand gulf. Paradise on earth, it has become in recent years a major destination for diving.

The name means "island of the turtle." You can discover many white sand beaches, beautiful tropical bays and enjoy the resort evening atmosphere.
Located about 7 km from the coast, it is part of a three islands group with Ko Samui and Ko Phangan.

You would dive right in front of the diving club where you will be abble to discover the wealth of the seabed, multicolored corals and extremely varied fauna.

Koh Tao is one of the highlights diving spot in Thailand with more than 70 clubs spread around the beach, definitely the highest density in the country.
The activity only got in the current boom during the last fifteen years .Since then divers came to Ko Samui to discover the incredible richness of the seabed that the island as to offer. The wide variety of fish species and color of corals that Koh Tao has become very quickly a recognized destination in South East Asia.
As you understood, the main activity on the island is diving, and more generally all the others activities that would make you explore the seabed.

Koh Tao means "the island of the turtle," referring to the many turtles that once inhabited waters.

Lying in the Thailand gulf, it is the smallest of the three islands (Ko Phanpan and Ko Samui).
Its many and beautiful white sand beaches lined with palm and coconut trees, are ideal for both water activities for lazing under the Thai sun. Visit the small island Nanguyuan and triple beach is also worth a glance.

Today the island remains relatively undeveloped, the scooter you can easily rent, is the most practical and most ran movement means.

Accommodation has become extremely simple, a very varied range of hotels and guest house is proposed, outside the high season you can even arrive on site and choose the accommodation that suits you.

You can easily withdraw money, ATM machines are now extremely numerous.

Travel to Koh Tao is very easy, several ferry companies serve it, either from the mainland or from Koh Samui. The simplest is to arrive at the Samui International Airport, take a mini bus transfer and ride on a ferry. You can be there in less than 2 hours.

  • Quantity and type of scooters: S1: 2 scooters.
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people.
  • Diving depth: 5 meters.
  • Length of the tour: 1 hour - Length of the dive: 30 min.
  • Weather: tropical - temperature between 25°C and 35°C
  • Water temperature: always around 28°C