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Fiji - Denarau Island - Treasure Island watersports

Fiji Watersports. ‘Bula Bula’ from Treasure Island !

The Fijian islands evoke an image of a tropical paradise, of white sands, and of crystal-clear waters.

At around 40 minutes by boat from Port Denarau, in the Veti Levu area, is the little island of Treasure. You can enjoy its heavenly white sand beach, its beautiful coconut palm trees, and its fabulous coral reefs.

Treasure Island is part of the Mamanuca Islands archipelago and is one of the most easily accessible from Port Denarau.
At just 17km from Nadi, it is easy to reach either by ship, which calls at the islands three times per day, by Excitor speedboat, or by requesting a SeaFiji transfer.
Treasure has a hotel which, should you wish, gives you the option to stay on the island for a few days.

Whether you are an accomplished sportsman, travelling with your family, or simply wish to discover the magic of the underwater world, Treasure Island allows you to experience the best of what Fiji has to offer.
Surrounding the island is a protected marine reserve coral reef, giving you the opportunity to discover all of the underwater diversity of the South Pacific.

Located on the Treasure beach, SeaFiji diving club will welcome you and show you the amazing tropical waters. To guide you, and to ensure the safety of your dive, all trips with underwater scooters are accompanied by a PADI certified instructor.

If you are not staying on Treasure Island, we strongly advised that you spend the entire day here. After arriving on the first boat in the morning, you will have time to explore the island, to have an underwater scooter tour, to relax on the beach, to swim, and to return to Denarau on the last boat.

Let us show you the legendary Fijian hospitality with a dive in the warm waters of Treasure Island.

To make a reservation, please do it on this website (you pay when you dive) or call: +679 675 0611

  • Quantity and type of scooters: S1: 2 scooters; S2: 1 scooters.
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people.
  • Diving depth: 3 - 5 meters.
  • Length of the tour: 1 hour - Length of the dive: 30 min.
  • Weather: tropical - temperature between 25°C and 40°C
  • Water temperature: between 23°C and 30°C